Adventure 1 – Rolling Pebbles

2 nights 3 days

R1200 per person per night – all inclusive!

That’s adventure, a soft pillow, food, cold drinks and hot guide. Flanked by the Hawequas Mountains, your destination is nestled amongst two rivers ideal for mild kloofing, short hikes and beautiful rock pools. And guess what…it is only a short drive from the Mother City. What you will get up to:


  • Get there by 10am
  • Quick orientation over a beverage and snack
  • Meet, greet get settled and put your nature faces on for  a mild lazy kloofing expedition to the various rock pools up-river from the campsite
  • Potjie dinner round the fire upon your return
  • Dream and sleep well


  • Slow breakfast
  • Followed by a 7.5km kloofing adventure up the Witte River.
  • Dinner will be an authentic South African braai with a sweet pudding
  • Pass-out early from the fresh air and awesome day


  • Lazy wake-up with breakfast
  • 11am departure – if you can drag yourself back to the city

All you need is your backpack, brooks, sleeping bag, pillow and sun-screen. We supply the rest. Sleeping bags can be rented And if you really want to veg: none of the above activities are compulsory. If you would like to spend your time lounging at the rock pools…then, so be it!

Min 4-6 persons although trips for 2 can be arranged – if you ask nicely… Private Campsite – 6 peeps per site Includes own braai, shower and toilet, and kitchenette

What’s on the menu?


Healthy (muesli yoghurt and fruit) or cereal Fry-up (eggs, sausages/bacon tomato and toast)

Light hiking lunch (Sandwiches, trail mix, apples, drinks)

Dinner: chicken potjie and braai

Dessert on last night: custard biscuits and fried fruit

Stuff we’ve got sorted:

  • Fruit and Veggies
  • Snacks (chip, rusks, crackers, cookies, sweets (if you behave), spread etc.)
  • Bread and rolls
  • Coffee Tea and long-life milk
  • Water Cool drinks (Concentrate)
  • Trail mix
  • Wood
  • Ice

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